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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Second Time Capsule

I've got finals next week. So until then I won't be updating. But when it's done, I can continue on the more difficult goals on the list during the winter break.

As you can see (or not see), I had to un-fail a goal because: just because they don't talk to me doesn't mean they aren't close friends anymore. Friends can become mad at each other but everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok it's not the end. Remember, conditions can always change, and some goals may be possible after all, so be positive about it.

But I had to fail another sub-goal, which failed to be posted up here in the past, because I failed to impress the first time. That result was obviously rushing in too early with a translate comment without doing the research first (or enough of it, though it's justified given the limited resources available). There goes my element of surprise. :/

It's my 'obvious rule' that if you do something for the first time (or the first part of a goal) it must impress right off the bat. If it doesn't... well, it's practically useless past that point.

Either way, it's ok to discuss it now because I blew it and obviously no one will be surprised if I actually speak it. And even if I did, it would not have any practical use unless a series of events occurs for the best...

So onto the main title goal.

#65. Build a second time capsule.

Wow. It's been 10 years since the time capsule was last buried. Or almost (since it was buried the morning on December 31, 1999). I don't remember what the capsule contained, but I do know where it's buried (I think, hehe) and one item inside. It's called a Spinner. Made of Lego bricks. That kinda describes what my interests were at the time. But I'll update on what I find when I actually open it, since it's supposed to be locked for 10 years.

But now with that open, what will I bury next? Another time capsule? Sure. Only this one is much larger since a lot of things happened during these 10 years of life: Middle School, High school, College, new friends, the internet age, etc. And a lot of new tech advances occurred during that time too.

Update on this after the break.