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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Volunteer Work

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#3. Get together or study with at least 15 students from my college. Number changed from 8/15 to 12/15.

By getting together does that mean working in Circle K as well, or eating together at dinner? Don't really know. But 4 were added. After getting my dinner someone from my club said goodbye to me. But why wait? I ended up sitting together with dinner with him and his group, allowing another service to be available to them (they were taking the same honors class as I did), and more importantly breaking the chain of eating alone for dinner.

#96. Do at least 10 hours of community service. Goal Completed. Last: Safe Trick or Treat

I confess that making popcorn wasn't an easy task at the beginning of my three hour shift, but I did manage to get things streamlined by the middle, making a batch of popcorn every 10 minutes or so. Eventually more support came during the last hour or so. Combined the fact that it was very cold and windy outside, I was glad that we didn't have to take apart what was outside...

Popcorn Booth outside

Now, to log it in...